The common poject of the NOJ and the ERA gets support

The tender of the Academy of European Law (ERA) called „Training of national judges about the economic aspects of competition law”, accompanied by the hungarian National Office for The Judiciary (NOJ)as a collaborational partner, received support. The tender was opened by the European Commission Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers and the Directorate-General for Competition.
The goal of the project is the theoretical and practical training of judges dealing with competition law about the economic key definitions and principles of european competition law, and the importance of economic evidences in court proceedings. Further emphasised goal is building connections and the knowledge sharing of concerned professionals.
In the frame of the tender four seminars will be organized in 2017-2018, in Lissabon, Thessaloniki, Trier and Bucarest. A total of nine hungarian judges could attend these trainings.
28th of October, 2016