Efficient and modern budgeting

It is essential that the courts could adapt with their services to the expectations of our age.” - said dr. Tünde Handó president of the National Office of Jurisdiction (NOJ) on “Sharing of experience on budgeting” conference organized by Management Consulting and Informatics Ltd. (VFT Zrt.).

The main task of courts is to increase the efficiency of jurisdiction. To this purpose, they are present among others on the fields of reviewing laws, client-friendly communication and client satisfaction surveys. The latter has a decisive role among external clients and colleagues as well. It is important to measure – involving indicators and feedback - how satisfied they are with the available sources. Therefore an IT system is developed jointly by VFT Zrt. which create a communication platform for management. The software makes the annual budgeting go smoothly.

After the opening event, on the interactive meeting lectured Renáta Krivanek business manager of VFT Zrt., Tamás Erdős senior consultant and Éva Herdon head of department at NOJ.

The participating experts emphasized economical tasks and difficulties that the office staff faces year by year and presented the solutions with which they managed to produce among the firsts the cumulative target of the institutional network for the year 2017.

25 January 2017, Budapest