Exemplary financial management and development of court buildings

There were 184 buildings in the asset management of the judiciary at the end of last year. 75 court buildings out of the 152 are listed monuments or buildings with monumental nature, which are under protection. In 2015 the construction of Debrecen District Court's new courthouse has been completed, Cegléd District Court and the Academy of Justice have been renewed as well.  
In 2015 the constructions of a full renewal and an enlargement work has began on the Eger Regional Court's courthouse. Regarding to the renovation of the courthouses of Szeged Regional Court and Szeged District Court, the public procurement concerning the selection of the architect has been started. Last year, the blueprints of application for planning permission and presentation of construction documentation of the Szarvas District Court were finished. 
The National Office for the Judiciary, with regard to it's success last year, announced the Jablonszky Ferenc Program for the third time. Thanks to this project developments have been carried out in 117 buildings.  
The National Office for the Judiciary on 4th of June 2015 signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. As the first step of the partnership a Reference Book has been created about new costumer centres which should be established with a nationwide unified image.
Last year's exceptional achievement was, that the Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. awarded the The National Office for the Judiciary with “The Asset Manager of the Year 2015” prize, based on it's due care with the national asset, and exemplary financial management.
11 October 2016, Budapest