Hungarian adjudication is even faster compare to Europe

The European Commission has published the fifth edition of the European Justice Scoreboard which presents the efficiency, quality and independence of the EU Member States' judicial systems. The Hungarian courts have an outstanding performance since the length of administrative proceedings are the second shortest, the number of pending proceedings are also the second shortest among all the member states.

In the foreword the Commissioner for Justice of the European Commission declares that the justice reforms are not for themselves. The objective is to improve the independence, quality and efficiency of the judicial systems.

The scoreboard examines the judicial systems of member states in terms of civil, commercial litigious cases and in terms of administrative cases. It is partly based on data reported by Member States and partly on researches of various international organizations. The edition of this year is mostly based on data from 2015.

Over recent years Hungary has already been in the first third part of the member states according to efficiency indicators. These results were maintained and even improved in some areas. Resolution of civil, commercial and administrative cases became faster, and there was an improvement also in the clearance rate of civil and commercial cases.

The performance of the administrative and labour courts is still outstanding: both the number of pending administrative cases and the duration of administrative cases are also the second lowest within the 28 Member States of the EU. The total number of pending cases in the examined areas of private law is the third lowest, the length of proceedings is the sixth shortest in Hungary among the 28 Member States.

The survey notes, that – according to Eurobarometer – the companies' confidence in the judiciary has increased comparing to recent years.

The administration of the judiciary in Hungary, in compliance with the European trends, apparently applies instruments in the areas of availability of online information for the general public, communication with the media, publication of judicial decisions and tracking of the judicial caseload.


You can download the scoreboard from here