THEMIS – the Hungarian team is a finalist for the first time

Future judges and prosecutors of European countries are enabled to compete with each other in the competition of European Judicial Training Network (EJTN), called THEMIS.
Three member teams compete with each other in English in the annual event. From the four semi-finals, two-two – eight in total – teams become finalists. This year, Hungary was represented by dr. Gertrúd Wayda, dr. István Berecki. and dr. Máté Kiss trainee judges. Dr. Levente Simon – the judge of the District Court of Gödöllő and the member of the National Judicial Council - helped the team in the preparations. The Hungarian team participated in the semi-final organised in Omsenie, Slovakia. The topic of the semi-final was the ethical and professional behaviour of judges (prosecutors). They won the second prize with high performance, thus this is the first time for 11 years of the THEMIS’ history, when Hungarians can participate in the finals. 
This year, the finals were organised by France, the winner of last year in Bordeaux and the main topic was the right of a fair trial. The teams had to solve a written law case on the first day, on the second and third day they competed orally. Nr. 2 team of Romania won the first prize, nr. 2 team of France won the second prize and the team of Austria won the third prize. The best team is enabled to go on a study tour for a week to a European judicial institution of their choosing.
Beside the professional programme there was time for sightseeing, and after the banquet of the first evening, the competitors could take part in a grand Halloween party. The Hungarian team gained special adventures and professional knowledge and they came home with good experiences. They say that a Hungarian team should compete in each semi-final. They highlighted: “we encourage every court clerk – who speaks English well and is interested in the topic of one of the semi-finals - to apply.”