Children in focus of justice

Child-centred Justice

The Government of Hungary has appointed the year of the Child-centred Justice in 2012. In this relation a working group was established by the National Office for Judiciary for developing the concept of the child-centred justice. 

The child-centred justice is that kind of justice, where the respect and efficient enforcement of children’s rights are ensured on the highest level.  The member states of the EU have to ensure the enforcement of children’s right to taking consideration their interests above all in the cases concerning them or in proceedings with their participation. Some of the elements of the fair procedure have to be ensured also for the children. Those rights may not be refused or restricted. 

In order to ensure that the best interests of minors and children are served in the course of court proceedings, the President of the NOJ put special emphasis on organising central trainings and conferences on the issue.

Considering that the vast majority of juvenile offenders are victims of criminal offenses or domestic violence, the training of judges acting in criminal cases against young offenders is also closely linked to the subject.


Specific trainings in the 1st half of 2014 were in particular the following:

  • two-day-long training on child-centred administration of justice in English
  • three-day-long conference of child-centred administration of justice.


Our aim is to have a hearing room for children in all courts which employ more than 7 judges. In the framework of implementing the Child-centred Administration of Justice Programme, the realization of such rooms in individual courts is continuous.