Witness care

The objective of the programme is to provide assistance to witnesses subpoenaed to appear before the court confidently, being aware of their rights and without fear. Some of the good practices existing previously, but only used at a few courts are sought to spread and strengthen on a national level by way of the programme.

The number of participants of witness care

  • was continuously rising in the 1st half of 2014,
  • the judicial employees appointed for witness care exceeded 100,
  • witness caretakers were appointed at 15 courts,
  • the number of witness rooms and witness waiting rooms continued to increase,
  • several courts adopted internal regulations in this matter, and
  • relevant content is continuously being supplemented at the websites of courts.


Victim protection is an important element of witness care, and

  • for this reason the main measures, achievements and good practices of courts were collected and subjected to analysis to ensure the close cooperation of NOJ and the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice primarily in the area of victim protection;
  • in 2014 a conference on victim protection was held with the participation of partner authorities.