Open courts

As part of social responsibility, courts shall actively participate in the spreading of legal knowledge. The National Office for Judiciary has started an educational road show in secondary schools promoting transparent and open justice, also called „Open courts”

The motto of the program is “You are afraid of you do not know”.

According to the opinion of the organisers, the more people know about the justice, the more the clients accept the decisions of the court, and the reliance in courts increases on that way. The students are informed on a school lesson about the basic legal rules, i.e. about the separation of powers, independence of justice and judges, structure of the judicial system, the administration of the courts, the rules of competence and jurisdiction, the main branches of law, the grounds of civil, criminal and administrative procedure and about the rights and obligations in court proceedings. 

The number of participants shows a sharp increase. Accordingly, not only more open court events are organised, but also the number of their participants is constantly on the rise.