Conference organized by the NOJ on King Matthias


Whether King Matthias was a just ruler or he was glorified as a hero only after his death even he participated in costly wars and introduced new heavy taxes? Among others, these are some of the questions that lawyers and historians will be discussing  in the next conference on the courts' history  organized by the NOJ, at the start of next week in the city of Visegrád.
The 1st symposium on "Matthias  and the jurisdiction" will be opened  by Dr. Tünde Handó, president of the NOJ on Monday morning. Following her welcome speech, speakers will talk about the jurisdiction of the King, 15th century commercial legislature, and chronicles literature and they will also discuss the renaissance court and Visegrád Castle's medieval- and new-age history. This year's topic is related to the  King Matthias memorial announced by Office of the State Secretary for National Policy of the Hungarian Government for 2018.  The reasons behind this: Matthias Hunyadi was born 575 years ago in 1443, he was crowned to King  560 years ago in 1458 and his legal code called “Decretum maius” was printed 530 years ago in 1588.