The Kaposvár Regional Court is a pioneer in witness care and international relations

2017 and 2018 are the years of challenges: new procedural codes have come into effect and the scope of electronic communication has widened. The courts have fulfilled their obligation, investing an immense amount of time into trainings and preparation supporting the more effective service of clients. Parallel to this, clients and other legal professions are continuously being supported and informed. In Somogy county courts had dealt with these challenges with outstanding results, also showing good results in the fields of witness care, victim protection and international relations – said dr. Tünde Handó, president of the National Office for the Judiciary (NOJ) at the press conference held before the all-judge conference of Kaposvár Regional Court.
Making access to the court simpler is a strategic goal, and in order to achieve this, witness care has been a national programme since 2013, and victim protection since 2015. The aim of this initiative, is to inform properly those who are involved in a court proceeding about their procedural rights and obligations, and to help them in exercising their rights. These tasks are carried out by 283 colleagues dealing with witness care – 18 of them working at Kaposvár Regional Court. Whereas in 2014 only 6526 requests have been sent to carers of witness, in 2017 more than 21 thousand of such request have been registered, 1609 of which has been sent to carers of witness working at courts in Somogy county. 
Dr. Tünde Handó also mentioned, that the courts have broad international connections. Kaposvár Regional Court also has a significant history concerning international relations, as it is active in international cooperation especially with two courts: Traunstein Regional Court in Germany, and Krakow Regional Court in Poland.
The president of the NOJ added, that introducing remote court hearings is also among the plans, which would allow the court to examine people who are physically not present in the courtroom. This year 72 technical installments are being established – among others, at Kaposvár.
Dr. Éva Hajnal, president of Kaposvár Regional Court, said – assessing the 2017 actions of the court –, that the courts in the region were characterised by a well-prepared and calm working environment. The judicial activity is timely, and of high quality: the number of resolved cases was higher than the number of initiated ones. At the district courts 92,7 % of the cases are resolved within 1 year, and 89,4% of them become final and binding at the first instance court. At the Kaposvár District Court an offence and an investigating judge group was established, helping the work of the court. Concerning the material circumstances she mentioned, that both exterior and interior facades of the Regional Court had been renovated, and the modernisation of the IT devices is also going on.
Dr. Lajos Makai, president of the Pécs Regional Court of Appeal described the judicial activity of the Regional Court as timely and of high quality. 30 % of the cases of the Regional Court of Appeal comes from Kaposvár Regional Court. The president of the Regional Court of Appeal also noted, that there is a constructive and collegial relationship between the Regional Court of Appeal and the Regional Court.