Modern and quick administration at the court client centres

This year and next 21 client centres will open their gates at the Hungarian courts. The purpose of the client-friendly, and servicing court is that the clients could carry out their business at the courts as simple as possible. In the new, modern client centres complex, electronic- based, up-to-date and fast services will be available for the clients.
The National Office for the Judiciary (NOJ) concluded a Strategic Partnership Agremeent with the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) on the 4th of June 2015.  The university will contribute to develop the 21st-century-court by it's professional knowledge and experience. First the MOME carried out a research and worked out the uniform design and Image Booklet for the client centres.
The goal during the establishment of the client centres is that they shall meet the same unique interior and be able to take the same booklets into their hands at any point of Hungary. Also, the staff of the cleint centres will participate in the same trainings to provide the same service to the clients, while still taking the local circumstances into consideration.
In the following years more and more client centres will open around Hungary. This year – along with the ongoing projects – two client centres will open: one at the Eger Regional Court, and one at the Szigetszentmiklós District Court, after that at the 16 successful tenderer courts of the Ferenc Jablonszky Project and at the 3 locations that are currently under complete renovation.