More than 2.000 events, nearly 60.000 visitors – Open Courts 2017

The National Office for the Judiciary (NOJ) launched the national wide programme called „Open Courts” in 2013. In the framework of the programme, secondary school students receive information about the most basic knowledge of law. The students can gain information during special homeroom classes among others about justice, the independence of judges and the judicial system.
The courts organized altogether 2326 programs in 2017, with a total of 58.710 attendees from 963 different schools. 1677 judges, junior judges and trainee judges assisted the events. Presentations of the Open Courts programme put great emphasize on juvenile victimization and juvenile crime, cybercrime, drug abuse or even on children’s rights and on issues concerning the entry to the labour market, in accordance with the characteristics determined by age. Schools can join the programme voluntarily, and the participants can visit hearings and pronunciations of verdicts.
Most of the programs for students were organized last year by Szeged Regional Court of Appeal, but several events took also place in organization of Pécs, Kaposvár and Miskolc Regional Courts.