Nearly ten times more participants attended the Szolnok Regional Courts’ Open Court programs than five years ago

Judges in Szolnok adjudicated on high level and timely in 2017 as well, while they were preparing for the new codes of procedures. In addition a great deal of emphasis was placed on the dissemination of legal knowledge: nearly 4,000 people participated at the events of the Open Court program in the county last year. The vice-president of the National Office for the Judiciary (NOJ) talked about that at the press conference before the all-judge conference of the Szolnok Regional Court on 25 April, 2018.
Dr. Judit Gyarmathy emphasized: while the number of first instance cases in legal proceeding at the regional courts was reduced by 14% nationwide, in Szolnok the decrease was almost 22%. It also shows the judgments’ timeliness that the number of cases finished in one year turned out well: the scale is 55% on a national level and almost 70% in the Szolnok Regional Court’s first instance cases.
The vice-president pointed out that the preparation for entry into force of the new civil and autonomous administrative trial procedures meant a huge task to the whole judicial organization. Basic changes have happened in the law of procedures which affect two-thirds of the 1.5 million cases arriving to the courts every year. She told the NOJ has helped the courts in the preparation by setting up project organizations. One fifth of the judges – 600 judges – participated in the work of the projects dealing with civil and administrative trial procedures. The training of judicial staff was carried out throughout the country with a unified professional content and quality. Leaflets provide information to help guiding judges and clients as well among the new provisions. The new codes’ entry into force is supported by workgroups operating at the NOJ and the individual courts – so at the Szolnok Regional Court as well. Its members are continuously monitoring the caseload data and the questions arising in judicature and they are participating in tasks regarding commenting on law-making. The next big challenge for the organization is preparing for the application of the new Code of Criminal Procedure entering into force this July, which is in progress using the experiences so far.
Regarding the Open Court program dr. Judit Gyarmathy emphasized that the courts take additional activities beside the classical judgment functions because of the social responsibilities. Participants in the mentioned program could get information about the basic legal knowledge, the judicial system, the rights and obligations in the proceeding. She added that while in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county only 431 people took part in the Open Court programs in 2013, in 2017 3954 person was interested in the courts’ work. Among others, prevention of crimes, enforcement of children’s rights, avoiding becoming a victim and career orientation stood in focus of the programs organized by the Szolnok Regional Court.
Kissné dr. Judit Szabó, president of the Szolnok Regional Court told that they are working together with the county chief prosecution offices, the county chief police department and the Hungarian Prison Service in implementation of the Open Court programs. She added that they are constantly getting positive feedbacks from the participants regarding the well-wrought and various events. She also talked about that the Regional Court considers important fostering international relations, in this spirit they reached a cooperation agreement with the Polish Wroclaw Regional Court.
Dr. Attila Harangozó, president of the Szeged Regional Court of Appeal explicated that with its operative work the Szolnok Regional Court helps the judges’ work effectively and as an example he said they organized several trainings to this end. As for the judgments he referred that the county’s judges are carrying a safe and transparent practice of the court.