The Open Court program in Reflection

The aim of the series called Reflection is to have a deeper look at the job of judges and leaders working in the  judiciary.  The series – although it retrospects to the last years' events-  it aims to be up to date, and to deal with current issues.
The Open Court program was launched in 2012 and its main goal is to support elementary and high school students in senior class to become citizens aware of their rights and to get to know their rights and obligations. 
The target audience is constantly expanding: on the one hand college and university students participate in the programs with pleasure; on the other hand experts of the judiciary give lectures to younger students as well, in close cooperation with the nationwide program called Child-centered Justice.
The Open Court offers varied programs: during their homeroom class  youngsters may listen to presentations with legal relevance that are connected to their daily life, furthermore they can have an insight to the daily life of courts and judges, and they also have the opportunity to participate in case-simulations. 
The program may be considered as supplementary because representatives of the court have met with 220.000 students on more than 7.000 programs in the last 5 years. 
dr. László Andódi: „We do this program besides our official obligations in addition. That's why personal commitment of colleagues is really important”.
dr. Adrienn Várai-Jeges: „We have received very good positive feedback on our nationwide Open Court programs. We regularly receive letters from homeroom teachers about how much the students have enjoyed the programs, how good the programs were, and how long have the students discussed the topic among themselves.”
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