Successful week for the „Sziget Court”

During the Sziget festival almost 800 people attended the programs of the „Sziget Court”, which is almost twice as many as last year.
The “Sziget Court” was popular among university students, youngsters, adults, and even families who wanted to acquire legal knowledge. Almost 1/3 of the visitors were foreigners and they willingly participated in the English programs.
During this week the “Sziget Court” had more recurrent visitors, and everyone found interesting programs for themselves either they came alone or with company.
Our co-workers waited them with ten different games and six different tests. The visitors tried several games and tests in one day to improve their legal knowledge, and to learn about our judicial system. They filled in almost 1200 questionnaires.
The most popular games were, for example, the “How good witness are you?”, and the “I’m going for a hearing” - dress up-game. The presenter of the concept and process of the criminal procedure and the memory games were also quite popular.
“Sziget Court” was managed by junior and trainee judges during the whole festival.