Tatabánya Regional Court closed a successful year - The year-assessing all-judge conferences have begun - VIDEO

The court is the protective force of legal certainity – said dr. Tünde Handó at the press conference held prior to the all-judge conference at Tatabánya Regional Court. According to the president of the National Office for the Judiciary (NOJ), this is the reason why being timely and grounded is important in the judicial work. She emphasized that the whole judicial system - including Tatabánya Regional Court - is working to accomplish this goal.
She highlighted that according to statistics while the number of resolved criminal cases on regional courts has not changed significantly in the whole country compared to 2016, the judges of Tatabánya finished 34% more cases in 2017. The number of pending civil cases on regional courts decreased by 23% int he whole country, and by 40% in Tatabánya. Courts reduced the number of cases pending over two years by 37%, this rate was 39% in Tatabánya. As an interesting fact, she mentioned that the first instance civil cases in Italy are closed in an average of 952 days, while in Hungary this number was 189 in 2016 and 196 in 2017.
Concerning the developments on the digital court, the president of the NOJ said that switching to electronic administration is a big challenge. The purpose of digitalization is to make procedures and administration more simple, to reduce administrative burdens and to make the courts accessible regardless time or place. She emphasized that the courts received more than 570.000 electronic submissions in 2017, and approximately 275.000 until the middle of March 2018. She highlighted that IT development is in progress. For example, 113 new computers and 120 new digital dictaphones have been purchased in Tatabánya, while 5497 new computers and 1934 new dictaphones have been purchased in the whole country by the courts with the help of the government and the parliament last year. The use of speech recognition programs - which transform the spoken word into written text immediately – are also more and more widespread.
The president of the NOJ talked about the very popular Open Court program, too. Courts held 2326 events altogether in 2017, which attracted app. 60.000 persons. Tatabánya Regional Court participated in performing the legal history play called “Summáját írom Hegedűs pörének” at the “Tatai Patara” historic festival as a part of the Open Court program.
Dr. Zsolt Csorba, president of Tatbánya Regional Court said that there is a decreasing trend concerning cases pending over two years: there were 410 pending cases in 2014, but only 229 in 2017. He highlighted that the judges and judicial employees have never been working in such a good environment, because the building of the court has been fully renovated. The president mentioned that the Open Court program was even more successful than before, it attracted more people than ever, which means 1900 persons in number. 
Dr. László Széplaki, president of Győr Regional Court of Appeal said that most of their cases arrived from Tatabánya Regional Court last year, they got one third of the criminal cases from them. He added, however, that Tatabánya Regional Court had the fewest overruled cases among the regional courts under their area of jurisdiction.