Trainers’ Training on CPC has started

The trainers’ training has started on the 22d of January at the Hungarian Judicial Academy aiming preparation for the new Criminal Procedure Code.
The event has been opened by dr. Tünde Handó, President of the Hungarian Office for the Judiciary. She emphasized that courts have to comply with challenges created by a rapidly and significantly changing legal environment. She highlighted the active role of the judiciary in drafting of the new Criminal Procedure Code by having actively delivered opinions to different codification proposals. Now the judiciary has to prepare for the application of the new Act. She expressed her conviction that judges will realize the possibility offered by legal instruments ensuring a more reasonable and effective procedure introduced by the Code and will benefit thereof.  
In the morning, presentations were held by dr. István Kónya, vice-president of the Curia (supreme court of Hungary) on the role and importance of the fundamental principles and general rules of the criminal procedure, by dr. Attila Pongrácz, head of Department for the Criminal Procedure Codification at the Ministry of Justice, about the lawmaking process and by dr.  Ágnes Frech, head of the Working Groups for Legal Comment and for Training of the project Code E-Codex for the Criminal Procedure Code on conceptional innovations.
Almost 130 judges of all instances nationwide attended the trainers’ training, who will be trainers of local trainings starting in February. During this week, 27 presentations were held by judges involved in the codification and drafting of the handbook.