I am going to a court hearing... – From the new animated short film of the NOJ you can get to know what to do if you get a court summons


For the National Office for the Judiciary (NOJ) it is a priority strategic goal to simplify access to the court. It is an important task of the courts to help clients finding their way in the world of law and jurisdiction. The „Judicial Compass” series of the NOJ explains in an understandable way the most important information about courts and court procedures. The series comprises fact sheets and animated films. 
The title of the first animated short film – made by the NOJ in cooperation with Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design – is „I am going to a court hearing”. The main character of this episode is summonsed to the court as a witness. We can get to know what a witness has to do from receiving the summons until arriving to the court, as well as the rights and obligations of a witness. What to do if the witness presumably cannot go to the hearing? What does one need to bring to a court hearing, and how to dress? Such practical advices can be found in the episode „I am going to a court hearing”. We really appreciate if you share our short film with your friends!