The selection of the contractor of the training center in Balatonszemes has been started


The National Office for the Judiciary (NOJ) aimed to create a modern European-level training center in Balatonszemes. Following the design of the building complex, the NOJ launched a public procurement procedure for selecting the contractor.

The prospective contractors may also visit the premises in January, and after the public procurement procedure ends, the construction works may begin at the beginning of April.

Prior to this, the designers of the building presented the design plans to the judges and court staff at the Hungarian Academy of Justice. Users could also view the design elements, covering and material samples, and could also give their opinions on them.

The center will have more functions. One part of the building complex which is about 1270 square meters will serve educational purposes, while the other building will contain the hotel rooms and restaurant to provide accommodation for the participants of the trainings. In addition, it is high priority that the trees in the area and the training center would be in harmony, so the designers used large glass surfaces. The building was designed with using architectural materials that are durable and do not require long-term treatment.

The purpose of the investment is to create a multifunctional building complex that is suitable to hold trainings with state-of-the-art equipment and provide recreational facilities for the judicial staff.