Summary of the National Judicial Council session on 9 June

National Judical Council's session took place in Lovasberény, where the 1st point on the agenda was a statistical summary of the judical cases and the actuality of these procedures in the year of 2014 compare with the data of 2013 and occasionaly with 2012. The presentation, which was held by the head of department of the statistical analysis Mr. László Szádvári, highlighted the main issues and gave a general view of every judging level and within the level each and every case group. From the presentation it became clear that in 2014 the case load dicreased with 18 % comparing to last year.

After this Ms. Katalin Velenczei Csillékné subordinated judge at the National Office for Judicary ( NOJ) informed the council about the practice of the NOJ ’s president call for applications to full fill free working place for judges in 2014, according to the 2011. CLXII. Act. NOJ worked out a new method for the call for applications, its main core is to compare the authorized number of staff to the working load of the court.

At the 3rd point on the agenda the NJC's commitee of experts presented the recent results of the crieteria of tendering judges. The 4. point on agenda the members of NJC shared their experience of the recents assembling of judges.

Levente Simon dr. as a member of NJC shared his experience from the conferences in Brno, Triana and Hague. As a result of those conferences Hungary's NJC became the member of ENCJ and also of the Balkan and Euro-Mediterranean Network of Councils for the Judicary, its secratary will be also in Budapest, its preseident will be Mr. Gjin Gjoni the member of the Albanian Judical Council.

The open session closed with the presentation of the NJC's commitee of experts on the career opportunities of judges.