Summary of the National Judicial Council’s meeting on 10th of May 2016

The National Judicial Council (NJC) was held its last meeting on 10th of May.

On the first item of the agenda Natasa Fülöp, dr., the Head of the Administration Department of the National Office for Judicary (NOJ), reported the results and the experience of the programme that was announced by the President of the NOJ in the 23rd of June 2015 and named "For the Servicing Judiciary”. In connection with that the Council listened to the results of the this programme which aim was to reduce the number of delayed cases. The program- which ended on the 31st of March 2016 -  was about to finish the lawsuits beyond two years meanwhile the other cases suffers no delay.

In connection with that Tünde Handó, dr. the President of the NOJ informed the participants that in next stage of the programme package named "The Sustainable Development" the aims are to preserve and further develop the results already achieved. The Members of the Council accepted the report.

On The next section the President of the Curia reported the evaluation practice of applications of the judges and the tribunal leaders in the year 2015, that the Council has unanimously taken note.

Then, the Council established and adopted the plan of the second half annual meeting in 2016, which – inter alia - intends to review the caseloads datas of the courts in the first half of 2016, the status of tenders of the European Union, other applications and projects that was started in the years 2015-2016,  the chapter investments of the NOJ and the emerged problems in the  practical application the Regulation 7/2011. (III.4.) KIM.

On the fourth item of the agenda the Council accepted  questionnaire created by the Commission according to the interpretation of the Regulation 7/2011. (III.4.) KIM for the presidents of the Councils of Judges and invited the Commission to prepare organize a conference for them.

Then, in a closed meeting NJC decided on the applications of the judges and other personnel issues. The next meeting of The National Judicial Council will take place off-site: in Gyula Regional Court on 27 – 28. June 2016.