Service Court

Regarding the disciplinary proceedings against judges and the related compensations, as well as the disputes arising from the evaluation of  their work as judges or as court executives from 1 July 2011 the First Instance Service Court has started its work at the Budapest Regional Court of Appeal Court and the Second Instance Service Court at the Curia.

The staff of the First Instance Service Court can be a maximum of 75 judges, menwhile that of the Second Instance Service Court 15.

The National Judicial Council defined the staff number of the Service Courts in its Decision No. 33/2012. (VI.18.).

The president and the the members of the Service Courts are appointed by the NJC. The rules of procedure which must contain the composition of the panels and the rules of the assignment are approved by the NJC and published on the central website of the courts.

The National Judicial Council with its Decision No. 85/2012. (XI.19.) approved the rules of procedure of the of the First and Second Instance Service Courts on 26 October 2011.