Updated forms for preparing NGO’s annual reports

We hereby inform our Clients that updated forms for annual reports for previous years and the form needed for the annual report of 2018 (PK-441, PK-442) are available from 1st February 2018 among the forms used for civil procedures. (http://birosag.hu/allampolgaroknak/civil-szervezetek/civil-nyomtatvanyok).
In case of electronic communication reports can be submitted since 1 January 2018 via the electronic customer portal (Cégkapu) of the organization. In case of acting under a mandate, we inform You, that on private documents having full probative value name and residence of witnesses must be written legibly and it has to be signed by the two witnesses according to point b) of subsection (1) of section 325 of Act CXXX of 2016 on the Code of Civil Procedure. The editable template for the mandate can be found on the following website (at point V/a.): http://birosag.hu/allampolgaroknak/civil-szervezetek/okirat-sablonok
We kindly ask our Clients to use the above mentioned template for mandates in order to facilitate the report processing.