Information brochures for clients have been tested by the Courts

Between the 15th of December 2017 and 30th of January 2018, the National Office for Judiciary (NOJ) tested the information brochures prepared for clients as a first step of the pilot project.
The Central District Court of Buda, the District Court of Szigetszentmiklós and the Regional Court of Eger participated in the testing of the “Organizational Smartbook”, the “I am going to a trial”, the “Free Legal Advising Day”, the “Summoned as a Witness” and the “Statement of Claim” brochures. Within the framework of the program clients of the pilot courts could fill out a questionnaire, and the courts could collect their own results and experiences.
A total of 3100 brochures have been distributed among the clients during the testing period, the “Free Legal Advising Day” brochure was the most popular.
The questionnaire was filled out by 143 people. 93% of the respondents found the brochures fully or mostly informative and useful. 90% of them fully or mostly found answers to their questions. 93% said that the information brochures helped them to get further information. The majority of the respondents considered the brochures understandable and easy to follow. They were satisfied with the structure and appearance of the brochures.
The purpose of the unified NOJ brochures is to provide information for the clients as soon as possible in an effective way and to introduce how the courts work. They contain the most important questions related to the court organization and the court procedures in an understandable way.