Court mediation


Alternative dispute resolution procedure, i.e. court mediation, has been available in Hungarian courts since the second semester of 2012, and is an effective tool of enhancing customer satisfaction and timeliness in civil litigious and non-litigious cases. Its benefit is that the time and date of the hearings and the substance of the agreements reached with the participation of the mediator can be adjusted to the needs of the parties. In the court mediation procedure, the parties are not bound by the content of the application, however, if the parties so request, the part of the agreement that is in line with the application is approved by the court as court settlement, and therefore its effect will be identical to that of a judgment passed in a litigation. A further benefit of the procedure is that it is duty-free, and no hourly rates need to be paid or costs reimbursed for its performance. Depending on in which stage of the procedure the litigation is closed based on the agreement reached, the parties may also request a duty benefit.