Information on cookies

  1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies can have different functions, including collecting information, storing user settings, and providing possibilities for the owner of the website to obtain information on user habits to improve the user experience. You can manage your cookie settings in your browser settings at any time.


  1. Why do we use cookies?
  • We use cookies to improve our webpages,
  • To improve the user experience,
  • To facilitate the use of our pages,
  • To obtain information on user habits,
  • To provide targeted ads. (if this does not apply to us, this can be deleted!)


  1. What types of cookies do we use?

Cookies play various roles, of which we would like to discuss a few in detail:

These cookies are necessary for users to browse our webpages and use the services offered on the Website. When you close your browser, these cookies are automatically deleted from your computer. We cannot make the use of our website possible without the use of these cookies.

Among others, we use these cookies to obtain information on which of our webpages Users visit, how and with what frequency they use our pages, and how much time they spend on any given page. For more information on Google Analytics cookies, visit this website.

These cookies store your actions on our webpages in the interest of improving the quality of our services.

The purpose of these cookies is to use the creation of user groups to display relevant advertisements and content. The related process requires manual intervention.

The system stores these cookies on your computer. These cookies are not suitable for the identification of individuals.

For more information on how Google uses cookies in advertising, visit this website.


  1. Cookie settings

By default, all browsers allow the use of cookies. If you want to delete cookies obtained from our website or do not want to use these cookies, please refer to the links below, depending on the kind of browser you are using:

Please note that if you prohibit the use of cookies, certain elements or possibly the entire functionality of the website may be unavailable.