International conference on Courts and Communication


The NationalOffice for the Judiciary has organised the International Conference on Courts and Communication for this sixth time in the Hungarian Academy of Justice (Magyar Igazságügyi Akadémia) in 2018. This confererence – having evolved into a traditional event – serves as a professional forum for foreign and domestic judges, communications experts, to share good practices relating to court communications. The conference series have hosted nearly 600 interested professionals from several European countries over the past six years. Foreign and domestic judges and communication experts share their best practices and experiences relating to court documentation.

The detailed programme of previous conferences may be inspected by clicking on the website of the conference, and further interesting and useful information on the event are also available. Previous years' topics:


  • Judicial brand
  • Online courts
  • Client satisfaction


  • Clarity in judicial administration
  • Clarity in jurisdiction
  • Clarity in court press communication  


  • Strengthening public relations at courts: new communication tools and trends
  • Protection of the court system against attacks of media and press
  • Potentials and means of crisis communication at courts


  • Means and measures of crisis communication
  • Publicity in cases concerning remote audition
  • Strengthening of court public relations
  • Image and sound recording at courts


  • Legal background of the courts relationship with the press
  • Internal regulation of press and communication activities of the judicial organisations
  • New trends in court communication facebook twitter youtube etc.


  • Data management with regard judicial activity
  • Data management with regard to court administration (operational, organisational, financial data)
  • Court information