International conference on the codification of the criminal procedure code

Since it is crucial to efficiently represent the interests of the judicial system while shaping and improving the regulation defining the basis of criminal jurisdiction, the National Office for the Judiciary (NOJ) also takes part in the ongoing codification of the new Criminal Procedure Code. With its recommendations, the Criminal Procedure Codification Team of the NOJ strives to form a more efficient and timely procedural order able to help the jurisdiction, to utilize the former experiences and to be attentive to criminal procedural principles and guarantees, with special respect to the feedback of courts.

The legislator plans amendments that mean conceptual changes. Thus, it is a priority to get acquainted with the regulation and practice of surrounding countries that have been searching for similar solutions while setting up their criminal procedure codes.

For this purpose, the NOJ organized a two-day-long conference between 29 February and 1 March 2016 at the Hungarian Academy of Justice. Besides lectures by foreign judicial leaders and practising judges, the most important recommendations of the judicial system will be presented and the legislative will also provide information on the bill.