Administrative Supreme Court – MJ-NOJ visit at the Esztergom premises


High-ranking representatives of the Ministry of Justice (MJ) and the National Office for the Judiciary (NOJ) visited the future seat of the Administrative Supreme Court on 27th March 2019 in Esztergom. Dr. Pál Völner, parliamentary secretary of state of the MJ and Dr Tünde Handó, President of the NOJ have visited, inter alia, the Déli Kanonoksor historic building that is under monumental protection at no. 4. Szent István tér.

After the visit, Ms. Handó and Mr. Völner have discussed the current tasks related to the establishment of the administrative court system. It has been pointed out that the NOJ makes its best efforts to help the Ministry. The NOJ provides the MJ with its professional know-how and experience in order to make the administrative court system’s launch and operation smooth. The new system – established besides the ordinary court system - is also based on the results and resources of the ordinary court system.