Results achieved by the power of community – general meeting at the Tatabánya Regional Court


The number of lawsuits pending for more than two years has been reduced to half at national level – it is a point when we need to come to a halt and acknowledge the results of the judiciary. Therefore, the reporting season is an outstanding event, when it becomes clear what  tasks the courts are dealing with – said the President of the National Office for the Judiciary (NOJ) at the press conference prior to the general meeting of judges at the Tatabánya Regional Court.

Dr. Tünde Handó stated that, inter alia, competent management and infrastructure is also needed for the termination of cases. The procedural codes changed in 2018, the civil and and criminal procedure, as well as the administrative procedural code - which became separate - have been reformed. THE NOJ together with national courts took part in providing opinion about procedural codes and related laws and it has also prepared modern study materials and organised training courses. The President of the NOJ added that the courts used to live in an ivory tower for years, but times are changing and sometimes the final decision is made by another body: the Constitutional Court or the European Court of Human Rights. Judges are independent and their judgements are made in compliance with the law.