Tradition and Value: The National Office for the Judiciary organizes a Court History Week


In recent years, the National Office for the Judiciary (NOJ) has set the goal to unfold and present the historical memories of the courts, and also to preserve traditions.
During the year 2018-19, special events, programs and exhibitions around the country provided an opportunity to bring the history of the courts and the spirit of the judicial profession to life for the audience.

The National Office for the Judiciary would like to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Act IV. of 1869 on the Judicial Exercise of Power during the Court History Week to be held on September 17-20, 2019.

As part of the upcoming series of events, the NOJ's most recent representative court history publications will be presented: Matthias I. and the Judiciary, a collection of quotes entitled "We are Judges...", and a special edition of the Rubicon magazine on judicial history.

At the memorial plaque to Andor Juhász, born 155 years ago, people will commemorate the work of the former president of the Curia. Finally the week will be concluded with a two-day international conference at the Palace of Justice. The location and the number of international legal history lecturers will provide a unique atmosphere for the conference. And on this special location, a guided walk shall bring the past to life, preserving the traditions and values left to today's judges for the present.